Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Today was a PHENOMENAL DAY!!!

What can I say about today? Well, first of all the weather was gorgeous again! I just feel so fortunate to be living here where the weather rocks almost all the time! So any day that I don't get out when it's gorgeous I feel guilty because I know there are plenty of people that don't have weather like this in February. Today I didn't let that happen.

I had the day off so I slept in...aaahhhh...I love to sleep in. Then I made myself a shake with the idea that I would be working out soon and I would need to have some fuel for that. As it turned out I really didn't have time to workout and still make it to my massage appointment on time. So the workout went by the wayside and I roasted my beets and fennel instead. Nice compromise. That way later in the day I could make my salad I've been dying to try for a long time. So I roasted and then went to get a massage. And guess what? My massage therapist had woken up on the wrong side of the bed. Perfect! Why perfect, you ask? Because then she gives a good deep tissue massage and really works those knots out. It was a really great massage!

Then it was off to the farmers market and to Whole Paycheck Foods.  I bought some Kuri Squash, Honey Dates, Medjool Dates and dinosaur kale at the farmers market. Then at Whole Foods I bought a bunch of stuff including lots of walnuts and cashews, garbanzo bean flour, sesame seeds, and hemp protein.

On the way home I was thinking that it was such an AMAZING day that it was a shame that I didn't have my new skates yet because it would be a perfect day for some skating. They were scheduled to be delivered today but to the office and it was closed today. So then I tracked my package and it said that it was "out for delivery" which meant they hadn't delivered it to the office yet. Then maybe 10 minutes after I had been home there was a knock on my door and guess what was there? MY SKATES!!!!!! I was soooooooooooooooooooooo excited! Yep! THAT excited! I could barely get dressed fast enough to go skating. I had my music and my new skates and beautiful sunshine...all lined up for a great skate! It was FANTASTIC!!!!

Then I came home and had some food and finished making my salad. Here it is.
Roasted Beet and Fennel Salad with Belgian Endive
with Garlic-Green Peppercorn Dressing
The recipe is again from Brendan Brazier's book Thrive Foods. It was mighty tasty and that dressing was mighty tasty. It's made with cashew cream made from soaking cashews overnight and then blending them with water. So cool!

I also made a cereal from his other book I have. But unfortunately I burned it. Oh well. I will make it again and not burn it. Live and learn...or should I say cook and burn? Haha! That was funny! I just thought of that right now when I typed it! I crack myself up sometimes!

I am feeling really good. My energy has been so much better each and every day. It's pretty cool to see how your body changes with different nutrition. I do wonder how much is psychosomatic but whether it is or it isn't I feel amazing and that's something I haven't felt for a long time! Wahoo! The one thing that seems to be the biggest difference to me is never having that bloated and weighed down feeling like I used to when I was eating animal protein. That for me is a huge win! Even my BF said that the other night after the pizza. He said he was full and completely satiated but didn't feel bloated and lethargic. That's pretty cool, I think.

So from one energetic gal to all of you, I hope your day was SUPERB! And if today wasn't then my wish for all of you is that tomorrow will be! Good night!


  1. I love that you are doing this! Awesome. I love that you are feeling healthy, energetic, and happy; just how life should be.

  2. Thanks Donloree! Yes, exactly as life should be! Thanks for supporting me. You're so awesome!!